Sights in Berlin

in Berlin

Berlin was mentioned documentary the first time in 1237. In the course of the centuries Berlin developed to an industrial city and was with 2.7 million inhabitants even the largest city of the continent at the end of 19. Century.

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Berlin today

Today Berlin is the largest city of Germany with a city surface of 892 km² and approx. 3.3 million inhabitants. However the city boundary is 234 km long, from the north to the south it is 38 km and from the west to the east even 45 km. Therefore you may understand, why for the citizen of Berlin a distance of 4 km is just around the corner.

892 km²

of surface

234 km

the city boundary

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In the following we want to present you some of the most well-known, in addition, admitted less sights of Berlin. This side will be extended and completed for you with the time.


Brandenburg Gate

Distance from hotel: 2,1 km

Brandenburg Gate is a 26m high, 65,5m wide and 11m deep early classical sandstone construction. The gate is crowned by one about 5m high sculpture, called Quadriga, which represents winged victory goddess with a four-horesed chariot facing into the city.

Until 1989 it symbolized the division of Berlin, today it is a national symbol of German unity.

The strongly damaged Quadriga during New Year’s Eve 1989/1990 was restored in 1991. The gate was again displayed on 3rd of October 2002 after 22 months of restoration.

You reach the Brandenburg Gate from the hotel with the bus in approx. 15 minutes.


Museum Island

Distance from hotel: 4 km

On the north point of the Spree island lies one of the most superb museum complexes in all of Europe. The ensemble, which in 1999 was added to the UNESCO world cultural heritage list, is being restored until 2010.

Buy a museum pass and you can visit up to 70 museums and exhibitions on 3 days.

You can reach Museum Island from our hotel within 30 minutes.


Television Tower

Distance from hotel: 3.7 km

The Television Tower at Alexanderplatz is the tallest structure in Berlin with it’s 368 metres. At GDR times the „Telespargel“ (TV-asparagus) was the landmark of the town center east. The 1969 developed tower fascinates not only from outside, but from the inside, too. In 250 metres height is a seven-story globe which contains a restaurant. The main point: the globe rotates around ist own axis during one hour. This guarantees a magnificent view all over Berlin. Good weather always supposing.

You will reach Television Tower by underground within 20 minutes.



Distance from hotel: 1.7 km

The abbriviation KaDeWe stands for department store of the west in Berlin. This department store for luxury goods was founded by Adolf Jandorf.

KaDeWe was opened on 27 March 1907 and is situated in the Tauentzienstraße at Wittenbergplatz in the district Schöneberg. KaDeWe is considered to be the most popular department store in Germany.


Nikolai Quarter

Distance from hotel: 4 km

Once around the oldest church of the city Berlin was developed.

The Nikolai Quarter on the Spree Island is a kind of open air museum. It belongs to the most popular tourist areas of Berlin with ist numerous bent lanes, restaurants, pubs and shops.

Not only the St. Nicholas Church, built in 13th century, belongs to the attractions but also the Berlin Town Hall, The Ephraim Palace, the pub „Zum Nussbaum“ (built 1507) and the Knoblauch House at Postraße 23, the oldest of the residentail buildings.

You can reach Nikolai Quarter by bus from our hotel within 30 minutes.



Distance from hotel: 4 km

Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful places in Europe – a must for everyone. Here the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral), the Franzüsicher Dom (French Cathedral) and the Concert hall create a beautiful architectural ensemble.

The square was laid out in 1688 by J. A. Nering; it was originally known as Linden-Markt, later then Friedrichstädtischer or Neuer Markt. The name Gendarmenmarkt arose many years later because the square was used by a curassier regiment „gens d’arms“ with sentry boxes and stables. In 1991 its previous name “Gendarmenmarkt” was restored.


Radio Tower

Distance from hotel: 6 km

The radio tower was built in Berlin Charlottenburg 1924-1926 and is 150 meters high.

In the 1920s he wrote radio history. From him, the first regular broadcasts were sent to the ether.

The radio tower next to the exhibition center is the landmark of the City West. At a height of 125 meters, there is an observation deck and a restaurant for visitors.

You can reach the radio tower from the hotel by subway in about 30 minutes.


Potsdamer Square

Distance from hotel: 1.5 km

The Potsdamer Square is one of the most exciting places in the heart of Berlin, which offers a mixture of shopping in the Arcades, entertainment and arts.

The Leipziger Platz as well as the district center of Berlin and Berlin local part zoo are located at this traffic center